Behind the Scenes of a Boudoir Session.

A Boudoir session is always about the client. We try to make it a fun and comfortable shoot, the idea is to help the client be able to create the idea they have and bring it to life.

I have a crew that helps, an assistant, a Makeup and hairstylist. These people help make the session go smooth and it always helps to have fresh ideas from other creative minds, this helps us all reach the goal and make a great experience for the client and photographer.

Before and during the session I stay in contact with the client informing myself of what she has in mind and what she really wants to create. The best sessions are when we all have a chance to express our ideas and support the client to feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

Audrey Hepburn Style photo session.

Audrey Hepburn has always been one of the most beautiful and memorable Hollywood actresses of the Golden era.

I had always wanted to do a shoot with a model that looked like, or had a strong resemblance to Audrey.

Valentina was the model I chose because in one of our previous sessions, I was editing a photo when i realized she could do the shoot. She had a look similar to Audrey's and I decided to proposition her about doing the shoot. With a photo I found online of Audrey, I sent it to Valentina, she was able to copy the look, and the result was beautiful.


Making of Captured.

The making of captured, was the collaboration between the Multi-talented Valentina Elizabeth and myself. Years ago I had the idea to do a photo shoot of the 1980's Pat Benetar album cover "GET NERVOUS" of course with a twist of my own.

I met Valentina when she was still a senior in High School, I knew the moment I saw her that she would be the right model to help me realize my project!

Valentina went off to College after graduating and because of time constraints we were never able to get together before she left. After she returned back to Az we had several scheduling conflicts, so the project stayed dormant.

Finally after a 6 year wait, we were able to come together and create my vision of the album cover. My assistants and Valentina were a tremendous help in realizing the concept and we brought to life our version of "GET NERVOUS"